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Janine Lange (Researcher)

studied sociology at the University of Rostock (Master of Arts). After finishing her studies, she worked at the Research Date Centre of the German Pension Insurance in Berlin (FDZ-RV) in the course of a data matching project („BASiD – Biographical data of selected social insurance agencies in Germany“) in cooperation with the Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agency (IAB). Then, she was granted a doctoral scholarship by the Research Network on Old-Age Security (FNA). Her thesis (work in progress) deals with questions of reduced earning capacity and social inequality in a biographical context. Additionally, she was part of a project whose aim was to implement a web-based research environment for scientists who work on the third report on the socioeconomic development in Germany (soeb 3). Janine Lange joined the iFQ in August 2014.

Research interests: Life course analysis, education and occupation, quantitative methods
Contact: Phone +49 (0)30 / 206 41 77-15
Fax +49 (0)30 / 206 41 77-99
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