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Daniel Sirtes (Researcher)

studied philosophy and biology in Zurich, Konstanz, Tel-Aviv and Berlin. After his diploma in neurobiology he was both a research assistant at the Center for Philosophy and Ethics of Science at the University of Hannover and a member of the graduate school “Entering the Knowledge Society” at the Institute for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Bielefeld. In 2002-3 he was a visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Austin, and at the History and Philosophy of Science Department of the University of Pittsburgh. 2005-2010 he was a research associate in the Swiss National Science Foundation’s project "Quality Assessment, Expertise and Decision-Making in Scientific Research: Criteria, Procedures, and Social Organization" at the Programme for Science Studies at the University of Basel in Switzerland. In 2011 Daniel Sirtes joined the iFQ team.

Research interests: Bibliometrics, Peer Review, Science Studies, Philosophy of Science, Mechanistic Explanation and Causation in Biology.
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