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ProFile – Doctoral Candidates Panel

In general, little is known about doctoral education in Germany. Even the total number of doctoral candidates at German universities can only be estimated, official data do not exist. Therefore, reliable information on the conditions, processes and success of doctoral education is essential. Due to the insufficient data availability, the iFQ has set up ProFile: ProFile is a longitudinal study focussing on the situation of doctoral candidates and their postdoctoral professional careers. Since April 2009, doctoral candidates of different universities and funding institutions are surveyed at regular Intervals. ProFile aims at identifying determinants of postdoctoral career development and providing information on conditions of doctoral education in a comparative perspective. Special attention is paid to the effects of structured doctoral programs, which have increasingly emerged during the past years.

Duration: since 2006
Funding: DFG, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Stefan Hornbostel, Jakob Tesch, Janine Lange, Anja Oppermann
Detailed information: ProFile – Doctoral Candidates Panel