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Data protection statement

1. General Information

1.1 Maintainer and purview

The German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) maintains these online services in accordance with European and German information privacy laws.

1.2 Right to information

You have the right to request information on personal data, that is, data about you that has been processed and stored, and you are entitled to have such data corrected, deleted, or to demand that it is only used in a limited fashion. To do this, you may send an e-mail to .

1.3 Data security officer

If you have questions regarding data privacy, please contact us via e-mail .

1.4 Regulatory authority

You have the right to lodge complaints with the relevant regulatory authority the Berliner Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit.

2. Websites

When using our websites, personal information is collected for the transmission of online contents.

2.1 Purpose and type of data involved

In order for you to view contents from our websites, your browser will transmit the following information (as part of an HTTP request):

  • Your IP address (a numerical label that identifies your internet access),
  • the web contents you have requested,
  • information about the type of internet browser and operating system used.

2.2 Legal basis

The above-mentioned types of data are required in order to transmit contents as requested and to optimise the way in which it is being displayed. The data in question is being processed on the basis that we have a legitimate interest to transmit contents as requested by users.

2.3 Retention of data

We retain the data in question only until the requested content has been transferred to the user.

2.4 Your rights

Generally, there is no legal right that data transmitted in the process of accessing online contents is being rectified, deleted, or shared with the user, as data is only retained temporarily in order to transmit requested contents and will be deleted immediately after the end of the transaction. Consequently, the data in question will no longer be available for privacy-related requests.

However, you are at liberty to file a request regarding such information, and we will try to consider and honour such requests wherever possible and independently of whether there is any legal requirement to do so. Should be we unable or unwilling to do so, we will give you our reasons in writing.

2.5 The transmission of contents provided by third parties

Our websites are using third-party services in order to embed third-party content. Users are redirected as we have a legitimate interest to enrich contents we provide with that provided by others and thus to correlate contents. In order to achieve this, you will be redirected to the respective services, and, by way of HTTP requests, the services in question will be able to glean that you have been visiting our website.